Sunday, 23 January 2011

tied up by technology

I always thought I was computer literate.  Not a genius, by any means, but I can't imagine life without our computer.  I love writing on it - the sound of the words tap-dancing out of the keyboard is so satisfying, and I'm glad I learnt to touch-type during a fallow year when I was eighteen.
We upgraded to a Mac nearly two years ago - I love it and Steve, whose idea it was to jump over to Macs, is half in love with it.
At first, I loved the video editing.  At last, the stack of videos of the children as tiny babies were transferred, edited and the Mac spewed them out on DVD.  Uploading photos from my camera was simple too, so much easier than before, and I could add them to my facebook page in a wink.  Then the start-up disk became bloated and sluggish, and it began to complain about anything more tricky than getting up in the morning. So Steve bought an external hard-drive, and all his photos are saved there automatically.
But neither he nor I can figure out how to do the same with my library of photographs.  Every time I complain, he grumbles about how simple it is, comes to do it, and then goes mysteriously quiet.  Sometimes it asks for the administrator details, and for some reason, from my account, his don't work, and mine don't either. It keeps telling me my password hint, and I keep putting my password in, and still it's not happy.  I want to put all the home movies I've made on the external drive, too, but can't figure it out, and I can't edit any more because the start-up disk is too full.  So the video tapes are mounting up again, an avalanche waiting to happen
Just after Christmas I bought myself a new phone.  It's the first one I've had with a camera, and I decided that, for the first time, I might e-mail (or at least check e-mail) from it.  I got a special pay-as-you-go package which offered free texts and e-mails.  Can I figure out how to actually access orange world from it? No.  It constantly tells me that the page is unavailable. It claims this is temporary, but it is lying.  Unless, perhaps, the homepage is available between the hours of 2am and 4am.  I've read the user guide, cover to cover. I've searched the net, and the online user guide, and I've given up trying to understand it.
But the camera on the phone was worth it....I thought.  I took a few photos of the children to add to this blog, and one or two for facebook, and I've just tried to upload them.  It refused to work with a USB cable in place, so my long-suffering husband came to set up a bluetooth connection for me.  (His mobile is already set up like that, and works fine).  After sniping at each other a bit as we tried to make the technology toe the line, the tension increased as things weren't going quite to plan. Then the Mac asked for the administrator's details.  He typed his in, several times. I tried mine so often I began to wonder if I'd misspelt my own name.  Three times it told us we'd tried too often, and it was fed up of us, please try again in a moment.
Trying to sort out the children's squabbles when they won't speak to one another is a breeze compared to trying to get the phone and Mac to communicate with one another.  So I've given up.  Temporarily, you understand.

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