Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Birthday One - Turning Two

Today the one year old became a two year old, and I did manage to enjoy it and smile (even if the smile crumbled a little at times!) in between frantic shopping for the OFSTED inspection and icing a cake  to look like a ladybird. We had a family birthday tea at my sister's house; I prepared all the food and got it there, and she provided space and chairs.  Exciting to think that soon we will have the extension done and will be able to fit people around our own table.

In the midst of all the rushing and dashing and pressure to make it fun, I think the two year old had a lovely day, and there was something special about having lots of family to share the fun.

And now a half hour lull before I need to get ready for tomorrow.  It might be a rough fortnight, but it's speeding past, and I'm still aiming to wring some enjoyment out of each hectic day.

As I thought, no time for writing, and barely any for even mental wrangling of plotlines and characters.  However, my £30 cheque arrived for the published letter. It made my throat go tight and my vision cloud over, just for a moment.  I know I want to see more of my writing in print;  I just hope I can learn to be good enough.

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