Sunday, 18 September 2011

Fetching the oojit from the whatsit

I don't know about baby brain, but something is wrong with mine. I remember a friend turning up at work with her home phone in her handbag instead of her mobile, and thinking it was funny, but it's as if I've lost all grasp of the English language (and I never had any grasp of any other language in the first place).
Yesterday I was trying to point out which was our compost bin to my mother-in-law and told her it was the green bin, when it was clearly grey.  Sometimes I end up falling back on nonsense, and asking Steve to turn the doo-dah down, or if a child can pass me the poky thing.  On occasion I've even been known to try a little game of Charades when the nonsense words fail me.  It's like living in a foreign land, and I've mislaid the thingymabob to help translate - you know, that book full of words and phrases you might need...
How am I going to do any good quality writing for the next six months?

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