Friday, 30 March 2012

best laid plans

 My life is on hold at the moment: my writing life very much so.  Or, rather, I'm on holiday, enjoying a precious, never to be repeated time. And typing one handed while cradling my five week old. I look a mess, I'm still overweight, my book is unedited on the coffee table, the laundry threatens to overwhelm me and the pinnacle of my achievement day by day is to have fed everyone and listened to the five year old read. I'm not being hard on myself about this. It will be over all too soon, and I'd rather be hampered from writing by a baby than by the housework!

Just read The Interpretation of Murder, and found myself analysing what kept me reading, and how it was all orchestrated. This was just about achievable while feeding the baby, but it did take me the unprecedented time of nearly a week...

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