Thursday, 16 August 2012

Delicious Reading

I've come to it late, I suppose, as an obsessive reader, but a friend on Facebook sent me the link to Goodreads. What fun....I've only dipped my toe in, but had a particular thrill or two to see some really old fashioned covers of books I adored as a child, such as The Black Stallion (oh, yes, I was a horse-mad girl).

I will have a longer session rating books soon, but can imagine it being lots of fun. I have fairly eclectic taste, so I was interested to see what suggestions the site would make for me, based on the books I'd rated...but they were way off. I tried reading the blurbs, thinking perhaps their titles and covers were misleading, but how it thought I might like science fiction, I don't know...perhaps because I like The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - but doesn't everyone?

Now my latest deadline has been hit, I'm in the plotting phase of my next book, which I can pick up and put down easily, and I'm going to saturate myself in some delicious reading, I think.

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