Saturday, 6 October 2012

Write on...

Was a little despondent on Friday to have a story rejected which I had modest hopes for.  Thought again; is this the best way? To be dividing my attention between different genres? I've had an idea for a non-fiction article I could pitch to a magazine, if I had the literary balls, but then my meagre writing time is diverted into paths I'm less keen on.

If time were infinite, it wouldn't matter. But already I've jettisoned many things I quite enjoy. You have to accept at some point, you can really only pursue one or two interests in life, with any commitment. And writing books is the thing, for me, that I want to spend my stolen time on.

But perhaps other writing will help build a good foundation for that...I could go round in circular arguments with myself all day! Any advice would be appreciated!

On Saturday, I received a cheque from a magazine for a published letter - my second this month, and a total of £80 'earned' for them. (It somehow feels like cheating, to count a published letter as anything. But I was paid for my written words, so I shall count it....sort of).

And I'm thinking that this trickle of cheques ought to be put aside and spent on something a critique of my novel by a company such as Cornerstones. I wonder if Himself would notice if I diverted my little income..?

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