Saturday, 6 April 2013

Teachers' Favourite Books

Here is a list of teachers' top 100 books.  I'm not quite sure what I make of it - it does seem quite predictable in parts, and not necessarily reflective of much of the fabulous writing around now.  Sometimes children need to read some real page-turners - even if they're a bit trashy - to infect them with the love of reading so that they can come to access the classics in their own time.

Maybe I'm just touchy because a few of those listed in the top twenty were ones I didn't particularly like...and it makes me wonder what I'm missing! Like the Emperor admiring his latest outfit, it's tempting to join in with the general adoration of works like The Great Gatsby, but it did nothing for me. Wuthering Heights left me cold. I'm very (very) fond of Jane Eyre in its place, but I don't revisit it as often as Gone With the Wind, nor do I wallow in it with pleasure as I do Birdsong. Perhaps it's just all a matter of taste...what do you think? (And, am I missing something with The Great Gatsby??)

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