Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Quick update, quick writing sessions...

My plan to write today was blown to smithereens by the baby who refused to sleep while her siblings and I were doing an hour's writing (the problem with having a teacher-mother is that strike days aren't non-stop fun. The five year-old had to go to school and we agreed we'd work for the morning, too, so he didn't feel so bad). In the end, I cobbled together about twenty minutes, and wrote 198 words, most of which will be rubbish when I look at them tomorrow.

I won't feel bad about it.

At least I wrote! At least I'm writing nearly every day. I'm loving having plotted a bit more this time, as I find it easier to dip in and out. It's much easier to write a scene when you know exactly where you're going. However, I'm reserving judgment on whether this level of plotting is better than winging it until I finish the first draft and see if the overall effect is a bit patchwork.

Chapter 2 is under my belt, though, and I'm so excited each time I sit down to write. This is what writing is all about. Success is secondary when you love something as much as this....but I still want to get better at it.


  1. Have you read Story Engineering by Larry Brooks? I have pantsed my way through a couple of novels, and I just now finished fully plotting and planning a novel. Today is the day that I start writing it.

    Let me know how the planned novel works out for you!

  2. No, I've not read it. Do you recommend it? Isn't it exciting starting a new project? We're at similar points in our works in progress, then. Hope you're getting on well with yours - today I've had a late night at work (parent consultations) so I don't think I'll get any writing done until tomorrow!