Saturday, 7 June 2014

Commitment to Writing

I just listened to this very interesting interview about writing with author AL Kennedy.

During the interview she talks about the need to commit one hundred per cent to the process, putting aside the fear of a broken heart when your work is rejected or 'not that good'.

It's an interesting insight into the mind of a successful and dedicated writer, and challenging, too. Do you really put sweat and effort into all your writing sessions, however short?

I remember writing one of my short stories for last year's challenge, and being gutted when it wasn't shortlisted because of the hours of polishing and the work put into crafting. Can I honestly say I'm working so hard on my current project, or am I dabbling in my comfort zone? Lots to think about!


  1. I'll have to check out that interview! This hits home for me becaue my last writing session felt kind of scattered and I hate to waste any of my precious and limited time. I do agree that you have to let go of thinking too much about getting published, which is hard because that's the goal, at least for me! But if I think about it too much it's distracting. That's why writing is so hard, because so often you have to write for yourself.

  2. It is hard sometimes to persevere and also to prioritise. I know I always feel selfish and self-indulgent when I carve out a solid chunk of writing time...but it is important to commit and allow yourself the chance to try your best and see if you can do it...Still haven't figured out how to write in the daytime, as I always end up running late to pick them up....!