Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Slack Summer

I entered my latest novel in two competitions in spring, with no news from either. I surprised myself with how disappointed I felt, even though I would also have been the first to admit that my submissions were flawed (my first synopsis was terrible!) and that there must be much more talented people out there. But that doesn't stop you dreaming, does it? And then the discouragement hits hard.

I've dusted myself off and am still editing my first draft into a second draft. I might be lapped by a sloth, soon...but I enjoy it when I get going. Time is tricky to find but in September all my children will be at school, which will make a huge difference to my life in every way. I'm looking forward to getting some regular writing time without feeling guilty (as long as the laundry pile doesn't grow to dangerous proportions).

I'm ready, when the second draft is done, to start a few shorter projects. I love having writing to look forward to. May you also have something to look forward to this summer!

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