Thursday, 10 February 2011


I'm having a confusing day.  Apart from the fact the builders arrived at ten past eight this morning, and began clearing our 'patio' ready for the extension, it's been impossible to get on properly with writing.  The phone has rung and rung, and just as I sat down to work, Mum and Dad turned up (to view the building site) and stayed....Oh well.
When they'd gone, I just had time to view the story that boomeranged back when I submitted it.  I'd tweaked it, and left it to stew a bit longer.  Today when I read it, there were a few editorial changes to make, but no major rewrites.  My auntie  arrived at tea time (to view the building site - aren't I popular today? How inexplicable) and I thrust the story at her and demanded she read it.  She is an avid reader of the magazines I'm trying to get into;  I know family opinions aren't worth much, but they do me some good.  She had liked this story before I first submitted it; I was feeling a teensy bit proud that I had made it stronger.
After she read it, she gave me a look and said, 'Yes, I can see you've changed it.  It didn't really give me a thrill like it did at first, though.'
So what do I do with that opinion? Have I interfered and made it worse? Was it good enough before? Do I need to let it stew even longer? I do feel a bit as though I can't see it anymore.  Or do I just reassure myself I've done my best (for now), send it out hopefully, and see what comes of it? I just don't know.

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