Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Putting one foot in front of the other

  Today is Wednesday, so I had a nugget of time to write in.  The baby was meant to be sleeping, but he kept calling out every so often, which interrupted my train of thought, though it's lovely to hear his little voice.  The worrying thing is, maybe he's growing out of morning sleeps, and then I'll lose one of my extra writing sessions a week...but I'm not going to borrow trouble.  Maybe next week he'll sleep; and tomorrow I want him to sleep in the afternoon, because that's when the four year old is out! Poor child; no wonder he's out of routine.
  I also had time after lunch to read some of the latest Writers' Forum.  I particularly enjoyed reading Hazell Evans' 'Book Deal or bust!'  She is an aspiring writer like me, though she's a few steps ahead.  It's good to hear about other people in the same boat; and I found it very encouraging today, when the job of rewriting has seemed more difficult than juggling knives while climbing Everest.  But as my outdoorsy-husband frequently reminds me when we are conquering Welsh mountains and my legs are giving up, (and my spirits, too) - all you have to do is keep taking one more step at a time.
 So here's to pretending there is no big picture;  to anyone else who is battling to improve their writing, or finish a novel; to the promise of writing time tomorrow.


  1. I have just found our blog after committing the unforgivable sin of googling myself (I am submitting to an agent so wanted to see if any of my columns were out there. That's my excuse and I am sticking to it). I too am from Wales so we have more in common than you might think. I hope your writing is going ok.
    I set up a blog of my own but haven't kept it up. Early news years resolution needed perhaps? If you want to check it out its google Hazell Evans Write Here Write Now
    Hazell Evans

  2. Hi Hazell! Great to hear from you - how is The Liar's Club going? Are you just submitting to one agent at a time? I understand it's a bit of a waiting you have a new project to work on, too? I had a quick look at your blog last night but it was quite late as it was a work night, and I will revisit it soon for a proper look. Hope all is going well - I am really hoping your novel is successful - I've heard so much about it in your column that I am looking forward to it being published!
    Good luck,