Monday, 11 April 2011

Five sleeps to go

The grand get-away to Rhyl with my in-laws is looming.  I'm watching hopes of writing this week dwindle, as one of my usual baby-sitters has a tummy bug, I'm applying for a new job that came up out of the blue last week, and there's the packing and pre-holiday cleaning to get through. (Is it only me who cleans like a dervish before I go away so I can come back to a tidy home?)

All is not lost - I am fondly imagining myself sitting at a table in a holiday home, tapping away on my sister-in-law's laptop, while the sound of my children enjoying themselves in the garden with Ste's side of the family reaches me through an opened window....and there is chocolate and tea by my side.  
The power of visualisation remains to be seen...!

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