Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Whisked away

Today the older two children have been whisked away by my super-hero parents (if two retired people in a  battered old Peugeot can 'whisk') to explore the bluebell woods.  The children were as excited about putting their Wellingtons on as some people are by a pair of Jimmy Choos. The simplicity of these early years is beautiful. The little one isn't so well - he has a high temperature, and is now sleeping, though it may be brief.

So, the dilemma - do I get ahead with my planning ready for work next week (which will stand me in good stead for having time to prepare for the interview I have the week after, and which will also make it possible for me to go to a writing workshop in two weeks' time)? Or, do I knuckle down to writing instead?

(Or have I inadvertantly chosen secret option three   -    facebook and blogging..?)

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