Sunday, 5 June 2011

Back burner

It's that time of year again; report-writing time.  Although I only work part-time, and therefore ought to be writing around 10 reports (at a thousand words each), there are complications, and I wanted to pull my weight, which means I'm hoping to do around 25 or 26.  I enjoy writing reports, on the whole - parts become repetitive but I like the challenge of finding positive ways to be honest about children, so that the parents can all be proud, but still know exactly how their child is really doing.  But I'm finding it really hard;  even though it's been half term, I've only done one report a night most of the time, and the nights I managed two, bedtime was so late I could hardly function the next day. 
So I can see that my writing time for the next month or so is going to be spent on these.  I feel sad about it, but feel the urge to get them over and done with, so that normal service can resume. As a compromise to myself, I've promised myself one hour on my novel this week...but I wonder if even that might be over-ambitious.  Oh well - 7,000 words done already; only 19, 000 or so left, and a deadline of the end of June...

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