Wednesday, 1 June 2011

The Marmite Phenomenon

  Out of curiosity, I looked at the Amazon reviews for the two books I mentioned in my last post - blueeyedboy by Joanne Harris, and The Distant Hours by Kate Morton.
  I was astounded to discover the widely differing reviews for each; while many people enjoyed them as much as I had, there were just as many who hated them, didn't understand them, found them bloated and slow...I came away bemused, for a short while, by how it is possible for a book to evoke so many different reactions. 
  Of course, it's natural that different people with different taste will enjoy different novels.  It struck me with a sense of hopelessness, however, that it's not possible to win.  Even if I were able to get the perfect novel that lives in my mind onto the page, intact; even if it were published, and well-received, there'd still be negative reviews. There would still be people who genuinely disliked it, found it a waste of their time and money.  That could put me off, if I let it.
  I'm choosing to look at the other side of the coin, though.  However many times it is rejected, it's worth keeping on, because the next person I submit to may love it, and I only need one person to love first.
     It's hard to keep confidence in myself and my story.  And I'm still some way from submitting it anywhere. But I'm going to keep looking at life positively, and expect good things to follow, one day!

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