Monday, 28 November 2011

Focus, focus, focus

Managed an hour and a half of 'writing' today.  Feel slightly overwhelmed when I recall that I started this rewrite in December or January and it isn't done yet. I'd been thinking I was on the home straight (and in a sense,  I am; I'm definitely on the part where the plot begins to wrap up) but then I see how much is left to do....

I suppose I also allow myself to look at the mountain beyond; the post-it notes of questions for my friendly neighbouring detective; the polishing and cutting and nit-picking.  I'm going to have to stop, and take a breath, and focus on just finishing the job in hand...preferably before Christmas rolls by.

Meanwhile the latest copies of Writing Magazine and Writer's Forum lie temptingly on my coffee table, still wrapped in plastic.  I've got to get more work done before I sit down and read!

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