Monday, 5 December 2011

Multi-tasking mother with guilt on the side...

I think there are only about fifty or sixty pages more to rewrite...I had an hour this morning, and then hit a problem when it was time to pick the two year old up from playgroup, as my memory stick claimed it was full....I was eventually able to save my work, after a scary half hour with the computer frozen. I keep hearing about ways of saving online, which seems appealing, but I will have to find out a bit more. 

When I'd recovered from the shock of nearly losing an hour's work, I pottered, and fetched the children from school through sleet and snow, then told myself I'd do another half hour.  By the time I actually stopped, the dinner was overdone, and the children were eating an hour later than usual - oops.  Writing is the thief of my makes me a neglectful mother.  I'm glad I've had that time, especially since it's been tricky to get it in the last couple of weeks, but it's crucial as a mother to be professional and organised about when I can write, and when I need to focus on the home or paid work. Meanwhile, I'm always going to feel guilty about the things I'm not getting done, and that might be all my writing for this week, as I have two extra afternoons to do in work (nativity plays) as well as an evening performance, and the four year old's fifth birthday party to prepare for...bring on the baking!

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