Wednesday, 18 January 2012


Life has definitely overtaken me.  However, I had a 'gift' of sorts today, in that the 2 year old wasn't very well. Not such a great gift, as he wee'd on the leather sofa before I realised how poorly he was feeling....but then he had a three hour nap.
Lovely to see him sleeping so peacefully after crying as if his heart was sore...even better to realise I really ought not to do the vacuuming as it might wake him, so that the best use of my time was to come and work on my book.
I could be overwhelmed by my slow progress up my huge Mount Rewrite, but I'm looking on the bright side and being proud of myself today for achieving anything....even writing this blog as the 2 year old, under the influence of Calpol, is 'walking' a coaster violently up and down my arm and shouting 'boing, boing'!

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