Sunday, 8 January 2012


I'm on the cusp of a new week; the first one with any sense of normality since the Christmas chaos. The children will all be back at school and nursery tomorrow, although I have got to help my Dad out with things during my 'free' time, and also cannot ignore the Laundry Mountain much longer if I value the health and cleanliness of the family.  But I am going to make some writing time, even if it is far shorter than I would like.
The pregnancy is sapping my energy more now, and I find sitting at the laptop or Mac makes my back ache. But these are only limitations, not insurmountable difficulties, and it seems to me that this is where my resolve comes in - that will to write, not just the love of writing. Ha ha - now I shall see what unexpected happenings interfere with my plans for tomorrow.

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