Thursday, 9 October 2014

WoMentoring Application

It's taken me a long time, and agonising rewrites, but I think I've just about finished my 500 word statement ready to apply for a mentor through the fabulous WoMentoring project.

Is it best to be earnest, dedicated and committed? Or fun and light-hearted? How do you get yourself over in 500 words - and without it being a boring list of things you've achieved and dreams of being a writer (which is hardly going to set you apart from the crowd)?

The thing is, I could procrastinate over this for months longer, miss the deadline and miss out. This year I was meant to be focused on Opportunity, and I can't let this one slide by, so I'm settling on what I've written, and I'll allow myself one more proofread, and then I'm going to apply. And cross my fingers so tightly they won't be fit to type with.


  1. Good luck!! My fingers are crossed for you :)

    1. Thanks Dana! It was very scary sending it off...but why that would be, I don't know! A