Thursday, 25 August 2011

Hiccuping along

I've managed one measly writing session this week, but it was on a day that was quite disastrous in all other ways, so at least there was one redeeeming moment that day.

I was quite down-hearted at first, reading a section that I've just inserted (so, technically, it hasn't been edited or rewritten).  But I kept reading, and began to get sucked in to my own story, and began to almost feel that parts of it were good.  As for fresh re-writing, I only tackled two or three paragraphs, but it was a start, and put the story back at the front of my mind where it should be. I also realised I'm a little further along than I had thought.

I'm still concerned about the structure I've chosen - it's what I've wanted since the first concept, but the sub-plot is essentially flashbacks, which I think are quite important, but I'm not sure whether it is stalling the story too much. It's no good to know that this is generally the case, or that the usual advice would be to  avoid too much backstory/flashbacks at all, because we all know it does work sometimes, and it is the right thing to do sometimes.  What I need is an independent opinion, so I'm going to start saving up, I think, and when Draft 2 or 3 is complete, I think I will send it to a critiquing service and see what I can learn.

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