Sunday, 7 August 2011


This has been my most unproductive fortnight in a long time.  It would be too easy to blame the children's school holidays, the week at the coast (which I  took my laptop to, hopefully, but never opened it) and other pressures at the moment, but they all feel like excuses.  A half hour a day would be enough to keep me in routine (and I really ought to fit in that half hour of exercise, too).

Perhaps it's time to have a slight re-evaluation.  I was adding birthdays to my new diary (I have a student diary to match the school year, so it's that time of year) and realised that in November it will be a year since I hit my self-set deadline of finishing Draft 1.  I'm quite ashamed that Draft 2, even though it has taken a significant amount of re-writing, is still only around half way through.

Definitely time to prioritise and plan for writing, even amongst all the other responsibilities that are crushing at the moment.

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