Monday, 29 August 2011


Congratulations to Emma Woodcock, who has just published her fabulous fantasy novel, Darklands, as an ebook, available now on Amazon.  I'm increasingly seeing the advantages of Kindle and equivalents (not just as a reader, after finding an enormous spider hiding on my bookshelf) and self-publishing in this crazy, competitive world. 
Never does a Writer's Forum or Writing Magazine drop through the letterbox (yes, I've given in and subscribed to save fruitless journeys to the nearest big town) without at least one article or letter pointing out the advantages, and advising on how best to get it to work for you.  I must confess, as the deeply flawed technophobe I am, that the thought of producing my work in this format gives me waking nightmares, but it seems like a great route to take if you are intelligent and motivated and talented enough.  (Emma Woodcock...)  Well done, Emma - I'm watching with great interest and hoping it's the start of the glittering career you deserve.

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