Friday, 29 June 2012


The story I was wrestling with last time came to heel in the end. I decided that I'd been rushing it, and not giving it my full attention. With that in mind, I sat and plotted it more; I spent more time on and with the characters and then I chose to use the first person, which freshened it immensely. Feeling quite pleased with the result, I intended to come back to it, and the other story I'd recently typed, for a good edit or tow, hoping to send them off.

Instead, my 3 year old was taken ill, and the doctor took one look at him and sent for an ambulance. The good news is, he's home now with a short-term inhaler, but of course it was immensely disruptive in every other area. This week I feel as if I haven't seen any of the children much, and haven't been at home for long enough to do the laundry, even.

I've managed a little writing, which I will post about soon, if possible. But the stories will have to wait again now, till next week, and may have to take a reduced priority while I catch up on other things. Sigh.

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