Sunday, 1 July 2012

The Week Ahead

Stuff the housework; I've got writing to do. I've stayed up till gone midnight for the last two nights, working on something that is in the pipeline, but which will hopefully make me look and feel like a 'real' writer. I'm half excited and half terrified.

Meanwhile, there are the two stories I'd like to edit and send off this week, as well as a few other minor things.

I still also need to take time with my neighbour finding out about police procedure for my book. Last time I went round to pick his brain, he told me that another officer had had an email from someone very local asking for information, and he thought it was me. I was delighted that there's another aspiring writer within a stone's throw.

More worryingly, the longer my book stews, the more I am losing faith in the plot, and keep wondering if I need to change huge bits of it. I'm not sure if this if just cold feet, or if it really does still need major reworking.  However, I'm going to get the information I need from my neighbour, tweak all the parts I need to, then look at it again from the plotting point of view. I'm not sure I'm very good at this editing lark. I'm in a bit of a tangle.

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