Saturday, 2 February 2013

Here's February!

There are two comps I'd like to enter this month, so I'm going to be doubly busy...what a shame I'm also extra busy at work, as a colleague is off sick for a few weeks, and I'm gathering up the slack. Home is quite busy, too - my lovely husband has a friend coming to stay next week, and this has triggered a chain of slightly obsessive tendencies.

The house must be clean (and not just the 'communal' rooms). If I'm cleaning, I might as well do it properly, and shift everything, and clean under, behind and on top of everything. But before that, I really need to tackle the mould that is threatening to take over the bedrooms (we've spent so much trying to eliminate the damp, and the problems don't go away).

If only I could persuade the lovely husband to take as much interest in this as I am, perhaps there'd be time and energy for more writing....but if I can get my two comps entered, I'll be content. I hope the writing work I'm doing has some merit though, and isn't just for the sake of saying I've achieved my 'comp a month' aspiration.

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