Saturday, 12 May 2012

Deadline Grumps

Setting myself a deadline to finish editing some short stories has backfired a little. 

I'm sure there is nothing wrong with the principle, and that this is a good way to motivate myself.  But (excuses, excuses) the baby has been having an unsettled week.  She is not putting on weight as quickly as she was before (a subject which is endlessly fascinating only to a mother, poring over weight charts, and plotting centiles), so perhaps she has been feeling hungry.  Whatever the reason, she has needed a lot of cuddling.  When she wasn't being cuddled, she was crying.  Neither of these states was conducive to writing, or even being inwardly creative.

Things are back on an even keel now, although I'm wrung out. But other must-do things are jostling me (such as baking for school and playgroup fayres), and I've already watched two of my self-imposed deadlines skate by. Is there any way back? Perhaps next time I'll write the deadlines in pencil...!

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