Friday, 25 May 2012


I shouldn't be blogging before I've finished reading my book through...yet here I am.

Reading what I have written is such a strange experience, full of encouragement and excitement, alongside disappointment.  I'm not sure I'll ever be able to be truly objective, which is where a writing group would be so useful.

The first chapter was a low point for me - it didn't at all achieve what I hoped, and I was afraid it set the tone for the whole book. I was then relieved and buoyed up to find passages that sparkle, some dialogue that I'm proud of, and a few paragraphs that fill me with joy.  These positive points make me sure that with practise and by working hard to improve my skills, I can achieve what I want to...

And then there are the doubts. I'm not too discouraged by the poor prose - I can see that with some editing and rewriting I can improve that.  I'm more worried that the plot might have holes, or sections that will push credibility too far - and this is really hard to discern.  There are various plotlines that have continuity issues, but that is what this read-through is all about, and I feel confident that  I can solve that too.

What is so difficult to judge is: Is it really any good? Would it hold a reader's attention? Is it interesting enough....or is it self-indulgent rubbish that only appeals to me because I'm on fairly good terms with the author?

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