Thursday, 10 May 2012

Getting arty

This week I'm trying out a few different things to keep the children busy while I write.  I say 'children', but really it's the 3 year old.  The older two are at school, and the baby isn't much trouble.  I've been inspired by the fabulous blog, The Imagination Tree - a lot of the ideas are ones I might have had or used myself at school (though not all - check out the black glitter playdough!) but I've never organised myself to do things regularly with my children at home.  (Bad mother).  So I've been inspired.  First we re-organised our creative stuff, as it was shoved in a box, and was so difficult to get out and put away that it was putting me off.

Then we had a go at using chalks on coloured paper.  The 3-year old is allergic to mark making, usually, but he was attracted by the novelty and colour, I think.

Apparently, this is a rocket, stars and moon.

The only problem is, I sat and watched him, and chatted to him, and enjoyed his no writing done there! It occupied him for about fifteen minutes and he might have stayed longer, but we had to go out.

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