Sunday, 6 May 2012

Plan of Attack

I have already written two letters to magazines, which was my first, baby-step deadline.  Now I need to find ways to make time to get on with the other pieces of writing, as my free time 'while the kids sleep' is narrowed to a sliver at the moment.

I'm loving the blog 'The Imagination Tree', which is full of wonderful, creative ideas for children.  The 3 year old hasn't had as much access to this kind of thing as the others. That's partly because he's a genius at turning items from their intended use to something completely inappropriate. I'd like to rectify it, though, and give him more exploring opportunities, as well as improving his fine-motor skills ready for writing his name, eventually.

I'm going to try some activities with him to see if he will concentrate for long enough to give me a half hour to myself here and there. If not, then at least I will get to feel as though I've been a good Mum, and encouraged his creativity!

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