Thursday, 5 July 2012

It's not going much better, yet. One of the short stories is complete, but the printer isn't working, so I can't submit it. Yet.

I haven't seen my neighbour, nor done any other writing, really, in the last few days. Somehow mothering has swallowed up all else, and yet I've not done a good job at that, either. My life (and perhaps the life of all mothers?) seems to vacillate between a/ me feeling I can handle anything, and consequently getting an hour's housework done, and an hour's writing, and still finding time to cook and play, and b/ me feeling that the world is caving in, and I don't have time for anything but gritting my teeth and hanging on. So sometimes I'm uber-productive (and this has a positive effect) and sometimes all the life seems to have been sucked from me by these adorable and exhausting children of mine and nothing gets done at all. It would be nice to find a middle road.

Perhaps a good night's sleep will make a difference, although, right now, two of the children are talking in their sleep, which will probably keep me awake!

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