Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Treading Water

The post brought a rejection....that story was submitted months ago, so I had hopes. I wonder what part of it wasn't right. I'm feeling glad that I've sent one to a competition with feedback, although the genre is different.
As always, I wonder if even trying to break into short story writing is the thing to do. I can tell myself all the practical reasons why, but it's not what I read most of, and I wonder if my heart is in it, and if editors can tell.
But then, I put my heart and soul into this poor little one that thudded to the mat. I suppose one day I'll look back and see more clearly; meanwhile I've a day of busy life with no writing time, and it looks as though the governors are going to say 'No' to my request to write a column, so I'm having a discouraging day. 
When I feel discouraged, I try to look back over a longer period. I think of the personal progress I've made (get me. I should be conducting professional development interviews) and the little nuggets of joy when something I've done has had the tiniest jot of recognition. I've done more writing in the last two years than the previous ten, I'm taking myself seriously, I'm daring to expose myself and my writing...what's a day of discouragement compared to that? 
Deep breath, relax shoulders, and prepare to move on.

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