Friday, 6 July 2012

Second pair of hands required

My head is buzzing with writing ideas today - far more than I have time to explore. It's too tantalising - I want to be working on some short opinion pieces, and a love story idea I've had for a competition....

The thing is, I know it's easy for me to go off half-cocked, caught up in the excitement of an idea.  When I don't spend lots of time getting into the character, and plotting a bit more tightly, that's when things go wrong and I run out of steam, or stop because I know it's all wrong. Then I have to go back and begin again.  So I'm trying to curb myself, and focus on making what I write the best I can. I'm afraid this blog doesn't count yet - I have no time to polish it with everything else I want to do to build a writing career.

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