Tuesday, 10 July 2012


I feel prolific today! I wrote a 3,000 word story yesterday, and then re-drafted it, once for sense and flow, then a second time to add in some punch. It is for a competition, and I'm really pleased with it, although, of course, how it does will depend on how strong the comp is. (Such a positive thinker...!)

The problem is, I'm sitting at my desk, intending to read a paper copy and mark mistakes/things that don't work and perhaps cut 10% or so on principle, and I daren't pick it up. That's why I'm procrastinating by blogging.

I have a reverse Rumplestiltskin in my life, and overnight he will have turned my gold to straw. (He keeps me supplied with babies to interfere with my work, too, instead of threatening to take them away.)  I wonder how to banish him...?

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