Monday, 16 July 2012

Saying Yes

I'm so proud of myself. (It doesn't happen often - let me have my moment!)
I'm learning to say yes to opportunities, even if they scare me witless (not a difficult thing to do, as my wits have mostly deserted me since Baby 4 anyway). The people who achieve well, or seem 'lucky' are the people who are brave, and put themselves out there, and handle the knocks, aren't they? And that's not usually me. But I'm putting aside my fear of failure, and also my fear of success (because that's just as real) and marching on merrily.

I said I'd got an opportunity in the pipeline, and I'm going to blog about it, even if it never happens. Our local newspaper advertised for columnists, and I responded, and they seem keen to have me. I'm fizzing with excitement - I already have several columns written or ready for editing in anticipation. There is a spanner in the works. Because of my work as a teacher, and the need to keep some professional distance, I had hoped to write anonymously, and that's not an option. So I'm waiting to hear from the head-teacher and governor about whether I can go ahead. Exciting times...and much more 'me' than the short stories I am trying to write.

Then today something else exciting happened. I've read two gorgeous, moving novels by Jojo Moyes lately  - Me Before You and The Horse Dancer. I only finished the latter yesterday, in a glorious scramble to the end before bed (I didn't want to put it down). I enjoyed them both immensely, and admired her style enormously - this is what I want to achieve. (If only. But it's good to dream...) It even crossed my mind that one day her agent might be a good one to approach, knowing that I want to aim for the same genre.

This morning, when I ought to have been writing (I did get to it eventually!) I looked at the satisfyingly full back catalogue of hers, and I know what I'll be buying on my Kindle next. It's such a thrill to find an author you've not read before, and discover you love her work, and there's lots of it to enjoy...instant gratification. I had a look at her impressive website, and blog and was lured on (is it called the web because it's so hard to escape?) until I read that she is offering mentoring through Marie Claire. I fought my natural inclination to say I don't have a hope, and applied. I know it probably won't come to anything, but I'm star-struck by the mere possibility. Someone, somewhere is going to be  lucky to be mentored by her...and at least, if it's not me, it won't be because I didn't bother trying.

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